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The race will take place in Mongolia, in the south of the province of Bulgan, in the national park of Khögnö Khan : a region comprising forests, mountains, steppes, rivers and lakes, taiga and Gobi-type desert : in short, a summary of all of Mongolia !

It will be a loop around a yurt base camp.

After four editions of the " Ultra Run Rarámuri " in Mexico, one edition of the " Ultra Run Rajasthan ” in India and one last in Cabo Verde, the " Ultra Run Mongolia " will take place from June 7 to 16, 2024 and will bring together about 60 runners.

The participants will have a maximum of 108 hours, i.e. 4 days and one half, to complete 250 km non-stop with a D+ of about 6000 m, day and night, in self-sufficiency.

This means that each participant will manage their own time throughout his journey with, every 25 km, a race control point (CP), where they will be able to get water, extra food and rest.

Throughout the course, assistance and monitoring will be carried out by all-wheel drive and a medical team will be present.

Regardless of the ranking, on these distances, finishing the race is a challenge in itself.

Paradoxically, it is easier to finish this type of race than to start it : the body needs several hours to accept the message given by the mind – At these distances we are running with our head : it is the way of the will.

It is also an almost mystical quest : many people say they emerge stronger from these experiences where they learned more about themselves, and to go beyond limits they believed impassable.

It is also a parenthesis in our lives, one where human relationships become easier.

Effort, in the midst of a dwarfing and sometimes hostile nature makes masks drop removing all psychological and social barriers !

The race is not necessarily meant for accomplished athletes, but rather enduring adventurers, men and women looking for strong emotions, with priority given to the spirit of adventure.

The route will be particularly varied, alternating steppes, dunes, forests lakes, mountains, out of tracks and rugged paths…