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Jean-François TANTIN, Marie TANTIN and Romain GRANJON offer extreme adventure throw the world, in remote regions sheltered from mass tourism.

Their races are " non-stop " races of about 200 / 300 km on marked tracks and paths, sometimes « out of tracks », free style, with pit stops every 25 km, in pristine natural landscapes.

These races take place in different regions and countries, with sometimes a recurrence for some iconic destinations.

Racing is only a means to discover these parts that have remained wild, secluded from the modern world, and that offer different landscapes, different people, different cultures, and different perspectives.

The idea is to run with « eyes wide open », while being involved in our travels.

The tenacity and courage of the participants travelling these distances make them feel acutely the physical and spiritual realities !

It is with great humility that one enjoys the feeling of freedom that is provided by the great outdoors and the pleasure of feeling dwarfed by the immensity of nature, that must be respected, at the risk of seeing it play tricks on us.

Our participants are in the right frame of mind to meet the local indigenous people who welcome them into their world.

Running gives a natural access to these tribes that live far away from roads, and whom participants reach without “ polluting ” them.

These encounters are genuine, as the tribes are inevitably intrigued by these extreme runners that come to meet them while running and walking, which form part of their daily lives, but in extreme conditions that inspire respect.

It is different from the classic tourist / native relationship, each side having with much to learn and discover from the other.

This is why ULTRA RUN ASIA is strongly committed to its humanitarian cause.

It is devoted to implement humanistic aspirations based on discovering, meeting, sharing and helping local people, while protecting their environment.

The association affects a small portion of the race registration fee to develop useful local projects, if possible, so that participants have the satisfaction of having, in any event, contributed to a humanitarian project.

If you wish to « get out of your comfort zone », know your « real » limits facing the unknown, manage loneliness while interacting with « yourself », walk with « opened eyes » on a wild course, tackle this long journey non-stop as a « crossing » ... So, THESE RACES ARE FOR YOU !!


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