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Jean-François TANTIN, 63 years old – Attorney at the Paris Court (retired)

Jean-François TANTIN discovered running after having played rugby for 10 years at the Paris University Club at a good level in the different youth categories.

His modest rugby career came to a sudden stop when he was 20, following an accident during a game which, at the time, was prohibitive : rupture of the cruciate ligament of the knee.

So after the operation, he took up running to keep fit and one day a friend of his asked him to sign up for the 1983 Paris Marathon, but with the sole purpose of running the first 20 kilometers.

But after reaching the half marathon, he wasn't feeling too bad and thought he'd try to push through until the end.

After 4 hours he completed his first marathon and felt a real euphoria – he was like Alain Mimoun who had just won the Marathon at the Melbourne Olympics !

This is how Jean-François became addicted to marathons, which he would run at a rate of 2 per year, progressing steadily until he went under the fateful 3-hour threshold at the 1986 Reims Marathon, where he finished in 2h52min !

He took part in 45 marathons, from New York to Dubaï, San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and, closer to home, London, Berlin, Moscow, Barcelona and Rome, but also in several 100-km races and even a 24-hour race.

However road racing has its limits, so Jean-François then turned to adventure racing, which allowed him to also live another of his passions – discovering other civilizations.

In 1991, he organized and took part in the Great Race of Maharajas – 9 marathons throughout India, from the Udaipur to the Taj Mahal.

He also ran Lima / La Paz / Rio, through the Andes, the Bolivian Altiplano and the deep Brazilian forest.

He then ran the Trans-Amazonian in French Guiana, then the Marathon des Sables, before joining the "Gestin tribe" for non-stop races of 333 km in the deserts of Mauritania, Thar and Egypt.

Jean-François especially remember a daunting race of 555 km non-stop organized by Alain Gestin in 2004 in the Ténéré, in Niger, by temperatures of over 55°C (131°F) !

It was the very first edition of the Salt Road race, on a route where caravans collect salt in Bilma and bring it to Agadez in 15 days. The participants did the journey in just 8 days (for the slower ones), at which the nomads were in awe – they wanted to know their motivations, thus creating a true bond !

Jean-François also took part in numerous treks and climbing, in Lapland, Hawaii, the Réunion, the Himalayas (Everest base camp), Kenya, Indonesia and Mexico (Popocatépetl and Citlaltépetl).

Romain GRANJON, 41 years old – Financial

After graduate studies in business school, Romain GRANJON delivers newspapers at dawn every morning waiting to find a job !

After a first experience in France in the logistic domain, he arrived in Mexico late 2000 empty- handed and without a penny on him !

He moved to Mexico-city where he joined the financial sector by chance in a big international bank.

Then he set up, with his future wife, a restaurant in a trendy part of the town. They resell it after 2 years to realize a personal project.

He then returned to the financial world without forgetting sport : martial arts and rugby practiced in France in his youth. He joins a first team of the Mexican Federation of Rugby in 2003, then another in 2005 until 2008 where he will bond strong friendships relations while sharing the values of this team sport : discipline, respect, solidarity and passion.

Currently, still passionate by his work in finance that enables him to make interesting meetings, he is also involved in independent projects, ULTRA RUN ASIA being one !

For the three editions of the ULTRA RUN RARÁMURI, he was the essential link with Mexican suppliers, his 18 years in Mexico and his knowledge of local behaviors were of paramount importance.

His human qualities, his mental, adaptability and humour are essential values which will also count in India...
He is the right man for the job !

With their complementary experiences and their pasts as extreme adventurers, Jean-François TANTIN and Romain GRANJON decided to organize Extraordinary Adventures !

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