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ULTRA RUN ASIA is the encounter of two extreme adventurers!

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The seventh edition of the races organized by ULTRA RUN ASIA will take place in Indonesia, on Florès island, from May 1rst to 11, 2025.

This is a new concept more focused on « Raid-Aventure » :

  • 10 teams of 3 runners (men or women or mixed) in total autonomy (only water will be provided) over a non-stop distance of 300 km

  • The team must be formed before registration to organize its financing (possible sponsorship) and its logistics (supply, distribution of equipment and food) – “Isolated” runners may be grouped within a team

  • 120 hours or 5 days (7 a.m. to 7 a.m.) so that each team can finish on time even while walking

  • Price invoiced to the team (11-day basis excluding international flights)

  • No CP, only water points (every 25 km) therefore 11 stations

  • Marking of intersections, GPS track and one satellite beacon per team

  • No sleeping places (1 tent recommended per team)

  • Each team will manage and cook their meals

  • Flying medical team

  • The team is united : they leave and arrive at 3

  • Full board in Bali and Flores (excluding during the race) and Bali / Flores / Bali flights included

Registration files are online under the “RACE 2025” section.


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